4 Seasons Hinges for Land Rover Defenders

‘’Hinges simply need to function. There’s nothing more annoying than when your doors start hanging due to a rotten and rusty pin. And the brown stripes that run over your painted bodywork after every rain shower or after every oil service. That’s not something you want, at least, I don’t. It’s also a shame to have the hinges replaced regularly, as steel hinges continue to rust, no matter how well you treat them. In addition, that costs you quite a bit of work. That’s why the principle of our hinges is quality. Making sure that once you buy our hinge set once, you no longer have to worry about replacing hinges as long as you drive that Defender.’’

– Dennis van Haandel, ceo Van Haandel Metaal and initiator FerroForcia

FerroForcia in the picture