FerroForcia bonnet hinge set (paint yourself) for Land Rover Defender 90 / 110 / 130

€ 165,25 excl. vat

The bonnet hinge set is universally designed to fit all hoods of Land Rover Defenders up to and including 2016 production. This set is uncolored, the paint must be applied by yourself (the hinges do contain a special pre-paint coat for easy painting/spray).

The assembly of the bolts is done from the bottomside, so no water remains on it. This extends the life span of the bonnet and the hinges. It also makes it look neat and modern.

Optionally, a FerroForcia bolt set (MSB-002) and filer plate set (MSF-002) can be purchased.

  • Paint yourself
  • High-quality aluminium for durability
  • Neat design
  • Easy to mount
  • Smooth door movement
  • Including grease nipple for easy maintenance
  • Including blind cap if you do not like the look of the grease nipple

For painting / spray the areas of the hinge pen and holes NEED to be taped over, so no paint can enter these areas.

Painting / spray is a MUST! Otherwise there’s not enough protection against wheather influences.

Important: the original Land Rover bolts can’t be used! M5 bolts with a maximum length of 12mm are usable.

Important: the hinge is not greased upon delivery, this needs to be done after mounting the hinges on the Defender. Optionally you can replace the grease nipple after greasing with the blind cap.



Aluminium hinge (with special pre-paint coat)

Tool steel pen (galvanized)

Steel grease nippel (galvanized)

Steel blind cap (galvanized)


Land Rover Defender 90 / 110 / 130




FerroForcia logo is laser marked at bottomside of the hinge


MSB-002 Bolt set

MSF-002 Filler plate set


2x hinge

2x pin

2x bush

2x grease nipple

2x blind cap