FerroForcia complete 2-side doors hinge set (unassembled / paint yourself) including all mounting parts for Land Rover Defender 90 / 110 / 130

€ 425,62 excl. vat

This set contians the FerroForcia 2-side door hinge set (HSS2-001-U), bolt set (MSB-005), filler plate set (MSF-005) and 8 clip-on nuts (MSN-001).

This set is uncolored and unassembled. The paint must be applied by yourself (the hinges do contain a special pre-paint coat for easy painting/spray). In addition, these hinge parts still need to be assembled, please follow the instruction sheet (downloadable below) for that.

The side door hinge set is universally designed to fit all rear doors of Land Rover Defenders up to and including 2016 production.

  • Includes all mounting parts!
  • Paint yourself
  • High-quality aluminium for durability
  • Neat design
  • Easy to mount
  • Smooth door movement
  • Including grease nipple for easy maintenance
  • The filler plates ensure a nice connection of the sheet metal and offer protection of the door’s paint

For painting / spray a few area’s NEED be taped over, see downloadable instruction sheet.
Painting / spray is a MUST! Otherwise there’s not enough protection against wheather influences.



Aluminium hinge (with special pre-paint coat)
Brass rings (galvanized)
Tool steel pen (galvanized)
Steel grease nippel (galvanized)
Steel blind cap (galvanized)
PE-HD (filler plates)


Land Rover Defender 90 / 110 / 130






1x HSS2-001-U (2-side door hinge set)
1x MSB-005 (bolt set)
1x MSF-005 (filler plate set)
8x MSN-001 (clip-on nut)